Muslim Conquest — Continues

Muslim Conquest of Spain reaches max in 750. Martel begins the reversal in 732, but it takes until 1492. The Merovingians 450-800 could not resist islam. The carolingians 800-880 could not. The viking age begins in 800-1066. The Hanseatic League begins in 1130 and starts to decline after 1450 with the rise of Atlantic Trade.

What we see is clockwise attempts to concentrate power along the trade routes from italy, to spain, to france (really the germanic peoples) to the north sea peoples, to the center of germany. while at ehe same time the overland route through Lotharingia (dense europe today) from Venice to Brussels developed better than the periphery. Old europe (slavic europe today) resisted the muslims and ottomans but only barely. teh combination of the restoration of greek reason, printing, and the wealth of atlantic trade eliminated trade dependence through the middle east. and the west brought about the agrarian, then industrial and scientific revolutions.

The basic problem is christianity was a capital sink (the church was a fucking horribly corrupt and damaging institutions, freezing half of europe’s capital).

The point is that the church destroyed the martial order of europe quite intentionally (by design) and that it took the viking restoration to both create the crusades and the opportunity for the hansa (germanic civilization) to develop.

You see this most clearly in the battles of henry the 5th where french knights had become such supernaturalists (believing they had god with them) that they were slaughtered like chickens en mass. You still see the protestant catholic line (Hajnal line).

Islam reached it’s point of exhaustion. But it took until 1492 to get them out in the west, and 1683, and was really only reversed in 1992. We have only been free of islam for a few centuries, during which we prospered. We have only been free of the curse of christianity for about the same years. During which we prospered extraordinarily.

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