The Saudi – Us – Iran Relationship 

Washington is Saudi Arabia’s mercenary force
by Aaron Kahland

—“Iran is run by Shia fundamentalists. Shia Islam arose and was influenced by the moderating force that was Zoroastrianism. Iran’s Islamic revolution was a national-liberation struggle against the puppet-like regime of the Shah – who was installed by the CIA – as we now know for certain.

The remainder of the Arabic Middle East is dominated by both secular and religious Sunni regimes. These regimes sell their oil to US (and British) companies that profit from value-added activites such as refining.

In exchange for the license to purchase this crude oil, the US (and Britain) agree to support Sunni expansionism in the Middle East. This is why when Saudi Arabia invades Bahrain (majority Shia) or Northern Yemen or backs insurrections in Shia-ruled Syria – Washington immediately imposes sanctions on those object of Sunni expansion and begins to supply weapons to Saudi-Arabian backed protagonists.

This is why Romanian made Kalashnikovs purchased by Washington ended up in the hands of ISIS. It is also why Muslim Bosnians were armed with weapons licensed by the US and manufactured in Egypt – and much of the reason why US bombs fell on those fighting Muslims in the Balkans.

To put it accurately, Washington is Saudi Arabia’s mercenary force in the Middle East. That is what explains the US’ seventy-odd years of pursuing geo-political goals that are directly in conflict with its own strategic interests. The US is, to put it frankly, Sunni-Islam’s bitch.”— Aaron Kahland

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