—“Q:  I hate to get off the topic but what exactly is an economically conservative social liberal Constitutionalist Republican?”— someone else, about a friend.
(I view it as a moral crime that this isn’t part of the curriculum)

Republican: (vs democratic, vs authoritarian)
Representative government should produce legislation and regulation. (Iron law of oligarchy says they will form no matter what so why not construct one that rotates by election.)

Social Liberal:
The state should use income from progressive taxation to produce commons of benefit to the people, because they produce multipliers (returns) on investments that limit the practical differential between peoples. (hard to argue with this because no one on earth seems to think otherwise)  … AND the state shall not inhibit the self expression of individuals by the enforcement of norms of the traditional family. ( I view this as a mistake.)

Economically conservative: the state should operate within a budge and not exacerbate the business cycle, nor export risk between generations. (This will happen shortly as worldwide the keyenesian experiment is coming to an end)

Constitutionalist: The declaration, constitution, and bill of rights constitute a statement of natural law (reciprocity) under rule of law (limits all of us to reciprocity, particularly members of the state), under universal standing (applies equally to all of us, and to the state, and we have the right of juridical defense from each other regardless of civil, state, or military.) (This remains a problem because the state has dis-intermediated the people from the commons via the courts.)

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