Is All Knowledge Ideological?

There is knowledge that is correspondent, actionable, and predictive within reality and knowledge that is non-corresponded, actionable, and non predictive, and knowledge that is non-correspondent, inactionable, and non-predictive. And all combinations thereof.


- Correspondent ....vs .....non correspondent (with reality)
- Actionable .......vs ....(by man)
- Predictive .......vs .....non predictive ...(outcomes)


If one means all knowledge consists of paradigms that assist us in producing collective cooperation on the pursuit of ends, then that makes sense to me.

If one means that there is more agency in non-correspondence than correspondence that is only true in the pursuit of power – which is just pursuits of rents.

It’s not true if one has to hold power by it without perpetuating rents.

Rulers are tediously empirical in action, even if ideological in rhetoric.

They don’t have a choice.

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