No, Ethnocentrism under Fascism is the Optimum Strategy.

—-”The right goes too far when it verges into racism and fascism. At what point does the left go too far?”—-

The question makes an assertion (proposition) that is false.

  1. The optimum group strategy is ethnocentrism.
  2. The optimum political strategy is political ethnocentrism.
  3. The optimum economic strategy is intolerance for competition against ethnocentricity,
  4. The optimum legal strategy is rule of law (reciprocity) that enforces non defection against ethnocentrism by a prohibition on internalization of costs and externalization of returns.(Socialization of costs, and privatization of commons).

As far as I know it is impossible to find evidence, or argue logically, otherwise.

Everything else is a justification for parasitism by the commercial complex, religious-academy complex, or the state-tax complex.

The left violates every one of those principles in order to dismantle meritocracy and ethnocentrism and to reduce us to socialist poverty – the poverty that ethnocentrism and rule of law evolved to raise us out of.

This is the problem with the American Model of a Purely Market Society: without ethnocentrism it is simply suicidal, since without limitations, the commercial, religio-academic, and state-tax-bureaucracy are incentivized to destroy the host population. (And therefore they do).

The Returns on Ethnocentrism are multiples of every other possible strategy. Just how it is.

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