Persecution of Pagans by Christians

Theodosian Code XVI.i.2: Banning of Other Religions, 379-395.
Theodosian Code: On Religion
Zosimus: Historia Nova. [At Then Again]
On the ending of Paganism.
Mark the Deacon: Life of Porphyry of Gaza, 5th Century, [full text]
fascinating account of the Christian destruction of Paganism in Gaza.
Socrates Scholasticus: The Murder of Hypatia.
A leading female philosopher, Hypatia was murdered by a Christian mob in Alexandria, urged on by St. Cyril. See also The Hypatia Page. Three historical version’s of Hypatia’s murder are available, and useful for comparative purposes:
Damascius: The Life of Hypatia, from the Life of Isidore, reproduced in The Suda. [At]
Socrates Scholasticus: The Life of Hypatia, [At]
John of Nikiu: The Life of Hypatia. [At]

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