—“Q: What if there was only one ethnicity in existence?”—


When there is one ethnicity we form Castes and Classes and Clans, and Cults, and Political polities, and orders, and war bands.

As long as women practice signal competition with other women, and hypergamy (an evolutionary necessity) men will practice signaling and organizing together to create competitive advantage. As long as we are intellectually, physically, and intuitionistically different (we are), and as long as groups differ in distributions of intellectual, physical, and intuitionistic abilities, we will compete like all other species and practice reproductive, social, economic and political selection (competition). If we stop we will die off.

Race is just the easiest first means of discrimination in pursuit of higher sexual, social, economic, political, and military market value. After that is class. After class is physical attractiveness and behavior and intelligence.

We are riders on our genes. We either assist those genes, or we will face extinction by those who do.

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