Superior Distributions and Ideas

There is no superior race, just superior distributions that make use of superior ideas.

The jews, despite being the most literate people in the dark and middle ages (a darkness they contributed to) achieved precisely NOTHING.

Every Jewish achievement was made by their nearly forcible indoctrination into aristotelianism, in exchange for integration.

They managed to produce the most murderous ideas in ancient history (judaism, christianity, islam), and the most murderous ideas in modern history (marxism), and the pseudosciences and deceits of the modern world (boasianism, fruedianism, cantorian supernaturalism in mathematics, the frankfurt school, and nearly single handedly destroyed both the academy and rule of law. And have nearly destroyed our civilization through the 1965 immigration act, and their continuing efforts at making the world safe for judaism, which roughly translates to turning the world into the levant.

The ONLY thinker they have is Einstein and he is overplayed because everything other than the Frame was the product of Europeans – even E=MC^2. He did manage to explain why. But he is their only non-pseudoscentific thinker. There are plenty of minor players, and a masterful effort for nepotism in the awards process. But data is data is data.

Europeans did everything worth doing in history and did it faster for the simple reason that we tell the truth, —- and on one else does.

So no, I don’t play superiority games, I just look the data.

It’s notable that Babbage and Turing were Brits, and the Logicians were frequently Jewish, and so was Chomsky’s grammatical take on Turing. Turns out the logics were a total waste of time – there is no closure. Turns out mathematical set theory (logic) was harmful. Turns out the Grammars have far more to do with Turing than Chomsky.

Everything is easily explained by jewish pilpul, pseudoscience, pseudomathematics, and psuedo-logic, versus anglo testimony, science, mathematics, and computation.

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