The Mythology that We Have Constructed to Justify Marriage as A Norm, No Longer Holds

—“Darn it, women are just awful, aren’t they? Still, chin-up, boys…wont be long until you lean, mean, problem solving machines successfully master artificial wombs and then you can be rid of the dead weight of womanhood.”— Lisa Outhwaite

That’s not true. Women are WONDERFUL. It’s just that the MYTHOLOGY that we have constructed to justify marriage as a norm, no longer HOLDS, and the postmodern and feminist mythology is FALSE.

Ergo, given our different reproductive strategies, different moral and preferential intuitions GIVEN those different and competing strategies, and the amount of agency we have in the interpersonal and political-military spheres of cognition, then we must find a means of cooperating now that the family has been destroyed by marxism, postmodernism, feminism, and the leftist (marxist-postmodernist) attack on western civilizations institutions of truth duty reciprocity, family civil society (voluntary production of commons).

I mean, women have no idea that they are giving judaism and islam a foundation in this era just as they did in the ancient world, and are in the process of destroying the civilization in this era just as they did in the ancient.

Men vote red. non-whites vote blue. and most white women defect blue. The only defectors are white women. Yet we have the only civilization that blues are trying to invade and be a part of.

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