We Are At War. We Got What We Let Hostile Peoples Ask For

We are at war. A very nearly hot civil war. A civil war brought about by design, beginning in the postwar period, and one that would not have succeeded in overthrow except for underclass, and particularly Hispanic immigration. All liberal societies pursue commercial interests to the point of undermining the society. This is what separates military (armies) states from trading (naval) states: armies do not tolerate imposition of costs upon the civic order.

When at war, people demand generals. And every single time any civilization has pursued liberalism to the point where they undermine the homogeneity of the population they have died at the hands of conflicts between despots.

Because only a despot can rule over competing peoples.

And we now have at least four hostile demographics in at least ten culturally separate regions.

You get what you ask for.

We got what we let HOSTILE PEOPLES ask for.

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