We Are Being Men. but We Are Converging 

(Read This) (Revolution Comes)

—“It’s astonishing the Right has grown so much – and so much during an economic boom.”— John Reeves

We are just being men….. many packs, each with a set of leaders, each with cognitive frames mirroring our experiences, all from a hierarchy of economic and social classes, coalescing on a viable strategy under which we can combine arms.

To some degree in these matters we are as slow as we see women organize for small endeavors. While under duress we are much faster (insensitive). When SOMETIMES working on large programs across many tribes we are faced with the same problem that individual women ALWAYS face within groups: risk of dissassociation and resentment that impedes future cooperation. ( Candice Mary, see this paragraph)

So we are being men, but we are moving slowly, beuause without an urgency to force our hands, we are acting like cautious women. That said, we are converging on a solution and that solution is revolution, and we all are beginning to understand that it is not only possible, but preferable, and the most preferable of the options.

—“Right now we have the luxury to contemplate different ideas, follow different diets etc. One day we won’t have that luxury anymore and we’ll be forced to unite on the basis of what’s truly important, fundamental and realistic (rather than idealistic).”—@Ivar Diederik


If we remove the wealth and order, then the tolerance, like the dam will end, and the natural pressure of the conflict will produce deterministic ends.

Never has an empire been so fragile, because never has an empire undermined it’s culture, it’s demographics, and it’s militia (men), at the same time as it has infra structurally, industrially(production), economically(trade), financially(debt and dependence on the dollar), militarily (lost use of the post-communist peace as a means of military transformation) , and politically over extended (bet on a failed strategy of globalism in the face of universal historical balance of powers).

All we have to do is break the momentum that preserves the illusion of competence.

The greater the fragility the less strength is required.

10K will be enough 100k a risk reduction, 1m a labor reduction, and 10M a time reduction. Numbers buy us comforts but we don’t need them to win.

The undomesticated animals will do everything that we don’t need to – chaos.

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