What if America Becomes Insular Again?

—-“What do Europeans, Canadians, Australians and other western societies think of what is happening politically in America right now? Is there fear for the future should the USA become insular once again?”— Quora User

We Americans are going to do everything we can to end imperial postwar America, end the remains of the British empire, and return to the balance of power system, where we are not responsible for financing and policing the ‘uncivilized world’.

We are pretty tired of europeans, austrialians and canadians in particular from signaling moral superiority when the are just free riders on the military financial cultural and political costs born by american peoples.

So if you mean by ‘insular’ we are no longer going to tolerate your virtue signaling, paying for your military defense, the world financial system, the world political system, and being the dumping ground for immigrants, yeah, insular means ‘no more free rides for people who disrespect you for having given them the ride’.

Canada, like Sweden is on the way to making itself the middle east.

Parts of america are on the way to making themselves brazil.

England is on it’s way to making itself north africa,
And france already is north africa.

You don’t get diversity with diversity. You get underclass monopoly. All states that try turn in to poor countries with corrupt governments and some sort of stated or unstated caste system

You can diversity from NATION STATES where every people pays the cost of carrying their own development, and particularly of their underclasses.

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