“Why is the subject of cognitive de?cit rarely mentioned as one of the contributing factors of poverty?”

—“Why Is the subject of cognitive de?crt rarely mentioned as one of the contributing factors of poverty?”


1. First, because it violates the marxist and postmodern oppression narrative.
People were not oppressed. The underclass was domesticated as were all
other domesticated animals. The current social economic political and
military differences between races and nations is determined entirely by the
success at culling the underclasses under the harsh conditions of agrarian

2. Second because the marxist-postmodernists that dominate education cannot
accept it, because it would violate the oppression narrative. If the oppression
narrative is undermined that means that the pursuit of power by the marxist
postmodernists loses legitimacy.

3. Third because it is largely in-actionable other than via eugenics, and leads
directly to justifying the eugenics narrative.

4. Fourth because it would justify either redistribution which would make the
right furious OR eugenics which would make the left furious.

5. Fifth because the truth is unacceptable to the underclasses (and non-
whites) and therefore the left’s political party (democrats) would lose their
base – democracy forces falsehoods and prevents truths.

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