Avoid Getting Stuck in Age-Dependent Narratives

[A]esop’s fables, Fairy Tales, Arthurian Legends, Homer, the greek myths, are all not only helpful but possibly necessary. We mature from those to novels, then to biographies, then histories, then maybe economic histories, and then into the sciences.

But some of us PEAK in life at some particular point and freeze – we all know high school kids who are still living in that world where peer-pressure was the only form of education that worked on them.

And some of us continuously mature until very old age, precisely because peer pressure does not force us into conformity but into advancement.

So I view nietzsche as a necessary critique for those that are not able to judge without sentimental and emotional associations.

The human differs from the animal in distance from impulse and emotion. The adult differs from the child in further increase in distance. The sage differs from the adult in further distance.

The point is to make use of STAGE SPECIFIC INFORMATION while not getting STUCK in childish pubescent, young adult stage – and continue to mature.

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