Connecticut is America’s Greece

From: @NedLamont

—“I believe in Connecticut. I believe we’re a state of boundless potential and unparalleled natural beauty, with some of the brightest, hardest-working people you could ever meet.”—

1) You can believe what you want Ned but this is a nearly unsolvable problem unless you restructure or default on the accumulated (parasitic rent-seeking) by government employee unions that have left the state insolvent and the need to feed them driven every viable business out.

2) Connecticut was (thanks to the ideology provided by Yale, Trinity, and Wesleyan and the huge post war working class population) the most successful at copying the soviet model, and the resettlement of underclasses has destroyed the livable and affordable cities.

3) So now, CONNECTICUT = EUROPE’S GREECE. We have few tax paying and tax generating people, we have a vast working and underclasses, and we have driven out the entrepreneurial classes, and taxed companies such that high capital investment is impossible.

4) We have no substantial technical university as does mass and california. No high IQ population outside of the NYC nexus. No high IQ industries of scale. None that generate entrepreneurship as do MIT and Stanford). And our major university is in the wilderness.

5) Because of these policies our cities are right behind Detroit and Baltimore in their lifecycle and our once lovely small towns either destroyed by resettlement (Middletown and Bloomfield in particular) or starved of anything other than bedroom communities.

6) I haven’t operated a business in Harford in two decades (I had one of the larger civic center spaces) but it was like living in a terrorist zone then and it isn’t much better now. Hartford is dead at night and for good reason. The entire 91 corridor is a wasteland.

7) I feel safer in rural ukraine on the border with russia and the war going on than I do in hartford, meriden, new britain, north haven, new haven, bridgeport, waterbury and danbury. I mean. everything within ten miles of 91, and 95 west of westport is a slum with class and race warfare.

8) This is one of the worst states to live in. And its second to California in hostility to business – and we don’t have their climate. So all the good intentions mean nothing without the money by end the accumulated Greek-like parasitism of the bureaucratic class on the people.

—“@SaveCTdotORG: Connecticut State debt per person $23k, population decline esp. high earners fleeing, state economy has contracted in real terms since 2010. Pension and interest expense, already 31% of the budget, will quadruple over the next decade. CT is broke and in a death spiral unless we elect Bob”—

That’s where I am too. There is no mechanism for a state to go bankrupt and we are best off testing and possibly creating that possibility in federal law. This state is in even worse condition than Illinois, we just don’t have our MANY bad cities in the news as much as Chicago.

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