Cultural Differences in The USA, East of The Cascade-Sierra-Nevada Mountains

by Mike Page Via Quora

Cultural differences arise among people of different regions of the U.S.A. These differences are largely the result of different dominant cultures that were established following the early migrations of colonial European settlers.

For example, the dominant culture in the South is derived from the early influence of Royalists from southern England to Virginia and the Carolinas to start plantations. They were joined later by “Borderers” from Northern England, Scotland, and Ireland who became yeomen farmers. All emanated from the British Isles – but brought considerably different civic and religious traditions with them to the New World.

The culture of the Southerners can be contrasted with that of New England which was also settled by Englishmen – except that these were, initially, Puritans who were motivated to create a utopian community that would be shielded from the interference and persecution of the King’s church.

In between New England and the South – the territory that forms the Mid-Atlantic coastal colonies of Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania was first organized by the Dutch West India Company and a rival trading company from Sweden. The English eventually took possession of all these lands and, of course, the learned Quaker, William Penn, was bequeathed large land holdings by the English Crown – out of which he founded Pennsylvania.

So, there is a profound English influence upon all of the early colonies – but origins; aspirations; civic and religious tradition; climatic, agricultural, and other geographic considerations – all influenced the growth of unique regional traditions in the original colonies.

Some of these regional differences are apparent to a contemporary observer.

  • Speech patterns & vocabulary
  • Observance and participation in a church
  • Support for military service
  • Emphasis on education & personal achievement
  • Emphasis on individual rights (right to own a handgun) vs. “the common good”

If you would like to understand in more detail how these factors shaped modern America – I recommend you read Albion’s Seed, and American Nations, and The Nine Nations of North America

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