Fascist? I’m a Fascist?

[Y]eah. So… Truth, Reciprocity, Rule of Law, Markets that produce prosperity, Family as the central object of policy, paying the underclass not to breed, direct redistribution of liquidity and the polity’s dividends, ending all rent seeking and parasitism both political, financial, and commercial. Exclusionary Nationalism as a means of increasing tolerance for inter-class redistribution, increasing the opportunity for local status attainment; producing commons suitable to the demographics; reducing all possible costs of mutual cooperation and invention; public-private investment in technological, industrial, and commercial innovation. And total suppression of political warfare to impose any alternative.

Yeah. Well, that’s my version of Natural Law and it looks a whole lot like NATIONAL SOCIALISM without the silly mustache.

So yeah. In the sense that fascism refers to zero tolerance for opposition to all of the above, I’m definitely a fascist.

And if you aren’t also then you have no idea what you’re saying other than advocating for free riding, parasitism and predation upon others.

So the question is, if you’re not the same kind of fascist, then you’re by definition an unethical and immoral enemy of not only me and mine but all mankind.

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