How is Sovereignty Achieved?


—“Hi Curt, if you don’t mind I’ve got a question on Sovereignty after reading your recent posts.

Is Sovereignty only achieved through combing agency and reciprocity (I think I’ve seen you say this somewhere)? In which case, thinking about this in terms of individualism vs collectivism:

-Groups of people who lack individual agency, but act as a collective can only ever beg for what they want (the herd).

-Individuals who possess agency, but are unwilling to reciprocate with one another will be unable to achieve results at scale (lone wolves).

-Therefore it’s not individualism vs collectivism; it’s agency AND reciprocity which when combined creates Sovereignty (the pack).

Not sure if I’m stretching things here?”—- Andy Lunn

Um. (a) very well structured argument, (b) correct conclusion. (c) nice work! A+

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