Muslim, Marxist, Maoist – No Difference between Islam and Marxism.

—“Q: What would you be if you were not a Muslim?”— A Quora User

—“A: I shall try to be an either Marxist or Maoist.during my boyhood I am a very deep fan of above two scholars or leaders of the political concept. Once you take away the interest based economy for which Islam is targeted so much by the Illuminati type economist of the west there remain only a few superficial stigmas between Communism and Islam.”— Amanullah Kunja, doctorate in philosophy and comparative religion

^ Insightful and true.

First Judaism -> Christianity -> Islam.
Then Judaism -> Marxist Communism (Pseudoscience and sophism).
Then Christianity -> French Postmodernism (Falsehood and Sophism).
Meanwhile Islam -> Islam, Islam, Islam, all the way down. (Supernaturalism)

But then, this is precisely why the developed world worked so hard to prevent the spread of militant communism to the middle east, and even without the spread of communism, we have seen that militant islam simply adopted the strategy of militant communism. And so our efforts have had to continue.

Communism is just a pseudoscientific restatement of supernatural semiticism.

Semiticism is simply the pastoralist tribal ethic at war with the agrarian technological ethic.

It’s not complicated. Masculine (competition) Agrarian Group strategy vs Feminine (justification) pastoralist Herd Group Strategy. Masculine (indo european) method of argument vs feminine method of argument (semitic).

Cain and Able.

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