Propertarianism’s Position in Intellectual History

(from The Introduction)

[P]ropertarianism is an answer to, refutation of, and solution to, the invention of lying: Cantor’s restoration of mathematical platonism, Marx’s pseudoscientific economics and sociology, Boaz’s pseudo-scientific anthropology and sociology, Freud’s pseudo-scientific psychology, the Frankfurt School’s pseudo-scientific aesthetics, and the French Catholic via Rousseau, and Postmoderns including Foucault, Baudrillard, Derrida, and an academy of followers propagating the . These thinkers constitute the main actors in the Counter-Enlightenment: the Second Abrahamic attack on Western Civilization.

The first fictionalist attack was the west asian caucasian invention of scripture: authoritarian mystical religion as a successor to explanatory mythology.

The first Abrahamic fictionalist attack was the fabrication of authoritarian mysticism with the promise of utopia after death by the professionalization of lying about scripture;

The second Abrahamic Fictionalist attack is the pseudo-scientific (Ashkenazi), pseudo-rational (German), and literary, meaning pseudo-moral (French) attack on Western Civilization which promised the underclasses not only an escape from evolutionary and material constraints, but a utopia of consumption and a permanently expanding technology that would end all wants – using new mass media for the industrialization of lying.

Propertarianism’s purpose is to end all lying in all its elaborate forms within the informational commons: including the supernatural, pseudo-rational, the pseudo-mathematical, and the pseudoscientific.

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