—“So… fk off with your empty box”—

by Alex Macleod

—“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy” —

For that to be a true statement, those ‘more things’ must be knowable unknowns, known to the speaker but not to Horatio.

Likewise with the electromagnetic spectrum, it was a knowable unknown, but could not be claimed to exist before knowledge of it.

It’s not possible to refer to an unknowable unknown. No one can make a valid (true) claim to the existence of unknowable unknowns, such as ‘god’ or ‘a spiritual experience’ or ‘self-realisation’, unknowable unknowns cannot have any bearing on existence, as they cannot be experienced, testified to or referred to.

They cannot exist. It’s an empty box, so fuck off with your empty box.

A philanthropist might take the time to point out that what people claim to be ‘spiritual’ must be emotion, thought or sensation, and either diseased emotion, thought or sensation, or beautiful emotion, thought and sensation, that the person has been persuaded to have hijacked by someone else’s psychic disease, and flown to the destination ‘I felt god speak to me’ etc

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