The West Is Already and Always Has Been Polytheistic

[W]e have polytheism already: mythology, literature, history, biography, law, engineering, economics, medicine, science, mathematics, and logic. It is precisely the deconflation into markets of specialization and the different explanations of the universe and our relation to it, that provide that polytheism. Western man’s cult is the law, and always has been. His civic religion of heroic ancestor worship has been invaded by semitism, for the purpose of political conquest, and we are yet again, for the third time, trying to cast it off.

But supernatural semitism has been evolved into pseudoscientific and pseudo-rational Semiticism (Abrahamism) in order to restore monopoly of the herd, and once again destroy the market for explanations between peoples of different abilities, that cooperate by trade using that market we call law, regardless of their differences.

Semiticism is political warfare no different than the british selling of drugs to china – and even more evil, and always has been.

It destroyed the ancient world and drove mankind into darkness. it destroyed egyptian civilization, mesopotamian, north african, european, and eventually greek (byzantine).

What crime is greater than 1b dead and a thousand year dark age, then Semiticism (Abrahamism)?

So choose Europeanism (Aristotelianism and Stoicism), Semiticism (Abrahamism), Hinduism or its reformation (Buddhism), Cinism (Confucianism).

But of them which is demonstrably the least harmful, and most beneficial?

Truth is enough. Literature is enough. Ancestors are enough. and all attempts at monopoly and submission are crimes against mankind.

No more lies. Truth is enough.

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