Us, Our Gods and Our Heroes


[A]ll our heroes are dead, like Achilles, Socrates, Alexander, Ceasar and Aurelius. Some of them are clouded in generations of myth like Arthur and Sigurd and even Charlemagne; and some of them like Odin – our original warrior and law giver – are so lost in the mists of myth and time, that we can only see vague reflections of their features by comparing the various versions of those myths to discover the similarities and differences.

But all of them are worthy of asking wisdom, of thanking for their works and our debt to them, and of persisting their memories across the generations so that we imitate the greatness of their characters and ambitions.

We are the people who worship (honor) the trees as connecting the sky, the earth, and the underground, as a connection between our past generations in the earth, those that live today on the ground, and those yet to be in our imaginations of the sky.

Our ancestors buried their dead under hearth, and created monuments around them with rings of trees or stone. they built groves for the same purposes. They built temples for the same purposes.

Church and education are unfortunately connected. For it is that thing we call religion that trains our civic intuition to habituate one set of choices over another set of choices. The question is whether like our current academy, we are told to worship the state, or supreme being as proxy for the state, or our ancestors and our line, and our people, and the state a facilitator of that nation.

We are the people of sovereignty – the cult of non-submission. We had forced upon us a false religion of alien nature, and enforced illiteracy, forced indoctrination, and forced submission.

Yet our very being resists this evil and seeks repeatedly to regain our sovereignty..

Transcendence through sovereignty, reciprocity, duty, truth, the cult of the law, and markets in everything that result from their use. We have a legion of gods, demigods, and heroes. We have the nature that sustained them. And the universe available to them.

And it is correspondence to and consistency with that universe, that nature, and the gardening of each that is what makes us the gods we wish to be.

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