We Allowed the Course of Nature to Be Subverted for Too Long

—“the cognitively deficient essentially unionize to overrule the dictates of the market and natural law if the capable and productive are going to allow it. If we’re totally separating morality out of it and ignoring how cancerous and destructive it is for the world and humanity as a whole, they do actively profit more so by envy and its accompanying precepts than by honest effort. Many actually don’t possess the mental tools. To tell them to just be smarter/more productive would be like telling you to be taller. They’re legitimately limited by genetics, operating on the signals and incentives available to them to gather the most resources and political influence possible under their present circumstances. I used to think they were lazy…but based on all the evidence I can surmise that they’re fundamentally limited and scared, thrashing about like a drowning man for a life jacket. We allowed the course of nature to be subverted for too long, there shouldn’t be this many and we’re headed towards a market correction on that.”—-Joseph Smith

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