“Did your views change at all when you had children?”

October 20th, 2018 8:27 AM

—“Did your views on allocation of public funds change at all when you had children from when you didn’t?”— Dan Springhorn

[N]o. It was just study of economics and history: data. And most importantly, when I understood the uniqueness of western civilization as commons. Now, there are no such thing as ‘public funds’ other than credit money. The rest is private funds that have been possible because of the political order of property rights. So, there is a difference between redistribution for consumption, and redistribution into commons, and the externalities whether consumptive or common. In general, parks, infrastructure, and insurance are good commons, but charity needs be private so that it produces the optimum externalities (charity) vs the worse possible externalities (welfare that breeds dysgenia).

( As a side note, I (me, myself) don’t figure into my thinking much at all. My test is reciprocity, capital production, competition, eugenics, and evolution-transcendence. )

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