(I just work harder at not being wrong )

October 9th, 2018 2:14 PM


[I] don’t make mistakes (very many anyway). It’s my job to limit myself to those things in which I can’t be mistaken, or which being mistaken is extremely difficult. Which is the entire point of my work. 😉 Limit yourself to that which you can operationally testify to.

it’s not that I’m always right. It’s that I just work at not being wrong harder than most people you know, because I understood how to complete the scientific method such that if I can explain something, it’s very hard to be wrong by the method of explanation that I use.

not complicated. sorta like math and legos. if yo can build it it’s got truth candidacy. If not it doesn’t. if you can’t buildit with operations then don’t have an opinion.

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