—“Q: Revolution: What about the effect on the global hegemony?”—

—“If your goals are realized in the US, what (do you believe) would be the effect on global hegemony? Is this speculation worthwhile?”—

Yest the speculation is worthwhile because external effect is part of the desired outcome.

Lets assume one of four initial reactions:

1 – External actors will become more confident in world affairs and more critical of US activity in the world.
2 – external actors will support the activity of activists
3 – external actors will seize opportunities for political expansion of influence.
4 – external actors will seize opportunities for military expansion of influence.

The degree of change in the world will be dependent upon those actions and the outcome of a revolutionary change:

1 – acquiescence by the state and restoration of the powers of the states.
2 – continuing declining low level civil warfare and related economic decline
3 – a significant uprising that forces the military to enact martial law .
4 – a significant uprising that forces the military to call troops from abroad to american soil.

By and large the balance of powers will be restored,and either way america will return to a domestic rather than imperial power.

Since everyone KNOWS this, particularly the upper levels of the military, the objective (my objective) is to make revolutionary outcome so certain that the government merely meets our demands for devolution to the states.

It is pretty hard to object to my proposal other than out of job defense or collusion with the world’s (((globalist))) movement.

We will own the blue water navy for a long time to come. We will lose and want to lose our responsibility for defending europe. That will force germany and russia to work together and end our conflict.

China much like russia operates entirely for its domestic market. The usa operates for its globalist market. we just need to restore the balance of powers and then we can all focus on the only remaining enemy to the world: judaism-islam.

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