The Myth of The Noble Savages vs The the Debts of Ignoble Savages

(unpleasant)(insensitivity warning)

—“Violence is a precious resource. We civilised the
whole world using violence. That’s the history of
civilisation: the incremental suppression of parasitism
through the organised application of violence.”–Curt Doolittle

—“Thoughts?”– Joel Harvey

—“If by “parasitism” you mean “the extermination of indigenous people who had a reciprocal relationship with the world and then the forced conversion of there children, theft of there resources and obliteration of there memories so the could end up fat useless consumers” then yeah brother, We are lovely“— Damien Woodgate

Yes, we dragged them out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and endemic violence – and we did it for profit, and we did it against their will; and they fought us kicking and screaming, all the way; and they are unthankful for it.

And other than profiting from it, and having a great european civil war over the profitability of it, and leaving the job unfinished, so rather than continue our work, that we had to fight the communists and now the islamists in their attempts at reversal of our work, while fighting the jews and puritans within our societies undermining our work, it seems to have done us no good – because they make up fantasy stories of the noble savage living peaceful lives in harmony with nature, instead of half domesticated animals at malthusian limits relentlessly preying upon one another in endemic competition, corruption, violence, and warfare.

So yes, we failed to complete our program of profiting from the domestication of barely humane humans, and enforcing farming, industry, technology, science, medicine, plenty, literacy, relative peace, charity to women, and long lives upon them, and they are resentful, because they cannot bear the thought of thanking us when we succeeded, or thanking us for exterminating those who were the most primitive, the most work, and who were dedicated out failure. We are not equals as individuals as classes, as groups, polities, nations, civilizations, or “races” if that means anything more than ‘civilizations’.

We dragged all of mankind out of barbarism. No man is a hero to his debtors. That said, none of us should expect respect or appreciation from our debtors. Our project was incomplete. However, in retrospect, we could have and perhaps should have treated white man’s burden as Pragmatic Heathen rather than Utopian Christian and instead of converting (educating) them, and improving their condition, simply engaged in organized replacement of them. Because history shows we always ‘lose’ when we are tolerant, ruling, or colonizing, and we have always ‘won’ and advanced ourselves and mankind rapidly whenever we conduct replacement.

And that is the lesson that our ungrateful ‘Debtors’ have taught us (yet again). The evidence is rather glaringly obvious: Replacement of less domesticated (evolved) peoples is the dominant force in developmental history, and produces the optimum results for not only us, but for all mankind. Hence the necessity of separatism.

That is the lesson of history.


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  1. Simple truths known to farmers and animal breeders since the last ice age cannot be applied to humans because feelings. Anyone who decries eugenics, but eats a domesticated animal or plant is a hypocrite.

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