Month: December 2018

  • Abrahamism in Its Current State

      ABRAHAMISM IN ITS CURRENT STATE December 28th, 2018 8:49 AM [A]brahamism consists of the continuous advancement of the female means of conflict and war: undermining, deceit, and exhaustive relentless diligence in seizing every opportunity to do so. It is the ‘gatherer’ and ‘herd’ strategy of continuous harm. Men tend not to do this, in-group. Instead men use threats of […]

  • A Very Brief Christmas Story – Audio

  • Dear Overconfident Young Men

    Dear Overconfident Young Man. [W]ords mean what we define them to mean, that is why definitions evolve with our knowledge. I have to convert terms and phrases, sentences and arguments into operational language, and deconflate terms into series in order to increase precision and prohibit error, bias, and deceit. Ergo, words mean what I define them to mean. Reforming language […]

  • King of The Hill Game Weeds out The Betas

    [T]eaching by the king of the hill game weeds out the betas faster than all other tactics combined.  Why? Female/Beta Moral intuition cannot resist self defense. It’s so obvious that once you see it, you see it everywhere. It’s like NAXALT bait in a Pringles can. Ps: some females won’t fall for it – but few some betas won’t, but […]

  • Overview of Main Themes (Core)

    (The Cheat Sheet Version of Propertarianism) 0) |THE WEST| Transcendence (into Gods) > Agency + (?) > Sovereignty + Reciprocity > Truth + Duty > Natural Law + Jury > Contract + Markets in Everything > Optimum Private + Optimum Commons > Optimum Evolutionary Adaptation to Change |*| Vulnerability to deceit. Note: “Gods: Those with Agency: Independence (Emotions, biases), Omniscience […]

  • Close, but It’s Not Math, but Algorithmic

      CLOSE, BUT IT”S NOT JUST MATH, BUT ALGORITHMIC (OPERATIONAL). —“My sense is that Curt is more mathematically and scientifically oriented than he is literarily oriented. His syntax is almost algebraic at times.”— Joel Harvey That’s correct. I actually write in programmatic statements just like we write software. So |PARADIGMS(GRAMMARS)| Fictional (inflationary) > Literary(Meaningful) > testimonial(descriptive) > Algorithmic (programmatic, operations) […]

  • An Example of Reciprocity

    by John Mark [A] picture/example/illustration of reciprocity, the silver rule (or violation of it)… CEO of a large corporation in America says “I want more profit. One very easy path to that is more warm bodies entering the USA – more people to buy our company’s product/service, and drives down price of labor too! Huge win! (For me and company […]