Abrahamism in Its Current State


December 28th, 2018 8:49 AM

[A]brahamism consists of the continuous advancement of the female means of conflict and war: undermining, deceit, and exhaustive relentless diligence in seizing every opportunity to do so. It is the ‘gatherer’ and ‘herd’ strategy of continuous harm. Men tend not to do this, in-group. Instead men use threats of violence and organized violence.


    (worth repeating)

7) |TRUTHFUL GRAMMARS OF EXPRESSION| Math, Logic, Science, Operations(protocols, processes, recipes), Economics (money, banking, finance, accounting), Law (Natural), History, Literature (including poetry > essay > fiction > mythology).

8) |DECEIT| failure of due diligence > ignorance > error > bias > wishful thinking > loading > framing > suggestion > obscurantism > fictionalism > denialism > and deceit.

9) |FICTIONALISMS| Deceit > Sophism > Pseudoscience > Supernaturalism.

10) |AVOIDANCE| Disapproval > shaming > moralizing > psychologizing > ridicule >rallying > gossiping > undermining > and reputation-destruction. “DSRRGUR”.

11) |ABRAHAMIC GRAMMARS|: Disapproval as substitute for argument > False Promise > Pilpul (sophism) > Critique () > Heaping of Undue Praise, Straw Man Criticism as a Vehicle for Disapproval > Reputation Destruction > Failure to Supply a Competing alternative capable of surviving same criticisms > Authoritarian Conformity,

12) |ABRAHAMIC EVOLUTION| Abrahamism > (Adding Platonism) > Judaism > Christianity > Islam > (Dark Age Theology) > Marxism > Postmodernism > Feminism > Denialism: “APMPFD”.

13) |LONG CYCLE OF HISTORY| {MALE EVOLUTIONARY TERRITORIAL: Fast Scientific Western > Medium Rational Eastern > Slow Narrative Indian Indian} vs FEMALE DEVOLUTIONARY MIGRATORY: Supernatural Semitic counter-evolutionary strategy. With Africa, Americas and Pacifica Lagging, and (it appears) Australian-NZ regressing.



Abrahamism v1: Judaism against Babylon’s Aristocracy
Abrahamism v2: Christianity against Western Aristocracy.
Abrahamism v3: Islam against the ancient world’s Aristocracy
Abrahamism v4: Marxism against the modern world’s Aristocracy.
Abrahamism v5: French Postmodernism against the current world’s Aristocracy.
Abrahamism v6: Islamism against the entire world’s Aristocracy.

3. Abrahamism is a Grammar of Devolutionary Deceit

The Revolt Against The Invention of Truth Duty Aristocracy Meritocracy And Eugenic Evolution.

Abrahamism =
…. Pilpul(positiva) + Critique(negativa) =
(undermining, loading, framing, overloading, suggestion, obscurantism, propagandism, fictionalisms) =
….. …. Gossip (undermining) =
…. …. …. Female Group Strategy of Undermining Alphas =
…. …. …. …. Female reproductive strategy of advancing her high-investment offspring regardless of merit =
…. …. …. …. …. Dysgenic Parasitism.

4. The Definition of Abrahamism in Natural Law

In our Glossary of Natural Law “Abrahamism” refers to the argumentative technique of using Pilpul (via-positiva), and Critique (via-negativa) to construct sophisms (the argumentative equivalent of numerology and astrology) via use of loading, framing, suggestion, obscurantism, overloading, the Fictionalisms, appeals to reasonableness, and false promise, to create hazards.

All three Abrahamic Religions, Kantian philosophy, Marxist argument, and Postmodern thought all make use of this technique of argument, often stated as “Dialectic” but operationally consisting of Pilpul vs Critique.

( If you cast this term as ‘racist’ or ‘hate speech’ you’re just either ignorant or a liar or both: a bad person. )

Most of Propertarianism (the Natural Law of Reciprocity) consists of attempts to prevent Abrahamic arguments and replace them with Testimonial (Ratio-Scientific-and-Operational) arguments so that Law (Constitutions) can be constructed strictly and logically and is not open to accidental, intentional, misinterpretation. Thus requiring legislatures reform a law rather than allow legislation from the Jurist’s bench – which is the means by which the US Constitution was undermined.

My work consists of the suppression of deception (parasitism) by rhetorical means. Only liars and thieves would seek to suppress it.

  1. More Properties of Abrahamism 

1) Restatement of Myth as History
2) Projection of Traditional Wisdom as Authoritarian Law
3) Dependence upon Supernaturalism (“Magic”, “Miracle”)
4) Monopoly (exclusivity) and threat of loss for non compliance.
5) False Promise of Impossible(supernatural, natural) Reward for Compliance.
6) Use of Pilpul and Critique In Defense of the falsehoods.
7) Castes of Priests with status, power, and economic incentives to perpetuate the falsehoods.
8) Secret Knowledge, or Prohibition on Competing Knowledge, or Denial of contradictory knowledge.
9) Oath to a falsehood. Payment of Ritualistic costs to the falsehood. Payment of ‘donations’ (fees) to the priesthood.

(Abrahamism, like Sovereignty, via-negativa Truth, The Grammars, and Natural Law are questions that will always require larger answers than people can easily absorb.)

– You can search my FB timeline by ‘curt doolittle abrahamism’. ( @[11019687:2048:Brandon Hayes] also keeps a long threads of related posts by all of us. I don’t think he keeps a ‘FB note’ listing those long posts as an index to his topic-posts, but if he does that would be a big help to people)

  • You can search the web site (it uses ElasticSearch now) by just entering ‘abrahamism’. My site is up to date through September first. I tend to update it once a quarter. Although I have gotten behind a number of times.

The way I work is by relating ideas across the spectrum in a series of shorter arguments – because I ‘whittle away’ at the stone so to speak, turning it to view it from different angles, working to gradually expose the figure (truth) below.

I try to produce operational definitions in series, and to describe behavior as supply and demand using those series of definitions.

Then I attempt to turn the fundamental insight into one or more aphorisms (summaries).

Then to create a narrative that explains the topic and its applications.

Then to weave these narratives together using the same constant language – this editing is what exhausts me and is why it takes me so long to produce a work.

I work from an outline of the complete scope of human thought.
I work through the outline from metaphysics to group competitive strategy.
Then I work with (many) sketches on FB. I move most of them to the web site.
Then I collect the best of them into what I call ‘short courses’ or collections of posts.
Then I take those ‘short courses’ and put them into the book.
Then edit it all into an explanation.
That’s my workflow.

It’s actually painfully methodical. It just doesn’t look like it to the casual observer, because most people are desirous of rushing to judgment whereas i tend to exhaust a topic completely (very) before adding it to the canon. Then refine the network of concepts added to the canon once there.


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