Year: 2019

  • “What’s a Grammar in Propertarianism?”

    “CURT, WHAT’S A GRAMMAR IN PROPERTARIANISM?” (important)(core) [A] grammar has traditionally referred to a book containing the rules of a language. But I had to put quite a bit of work into ‘disambiguating’ the terms we use in language. The human cognitive facility consists of identification of constant relations between stimuli in time resulting in categorization (identity). The human auto […]

  • He’s never run a company, had a board of directors, a horde of shareholders, thousands of employees and he certainly doesn’t know, anyone who does. Profitability is extremely difficult to achieve and maintain. Customers are difficult to obtain and maintain. Shareholders are difficult to obtain and maintain. Employees are difficult to obtain and maintain. Credit capacity is difficult to obtain […]

  • The Bad War

    This is copy pasta- Not our work Had Hitler won World War II, what would be different in the post-war world? Here are a few examples: 1 – No USSR (the Soviet government murdered millions of its own people during its 70 year reign — to study this topic read the writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; Hitler would have liberated the […]

  • The Demarcation Problem Is Complete

    KARL POPPER’S DEMARCATION PROBLEM IS SOLVED, AND THE CRITICAL RATIONALIST PROGRAM OF FALSIFICATION IS COMPLETE: IT WAS LAW ALL ALONG. AND HAYEK WAS RIGHT. [A]s far as I know, western success in science, technology, medicine, and economics was due to the transfer of our legal tradition (including traditional european law to Aristotle to Bacon to Hume to Hayek) – and […]

  • Yes. I Answer the TABOOS.

    What? I answer every Taboo. My job is to end the postwar industrialization of lying by pseudoscience and sophism and return us to our Natural Law of Reciprocity. I worked on Religion last year, and the Jewish Question now. Truth Creates and Settles Controversy – PAINFULLY.

  • It’s gotta be genetic.

    I’m pretty sure it’s genetic like I’ve said: feminine cognition. Why do you get a Cantor Postmodern Math, Niels Bohr creating Postmodern Physics, Betty Friedan’s Postmodern Feminism, Derrida Postmodern Truth, with the exception being Keynes’ less postmodern economics?? Why do only Europeans produce aristotle, archimedes, DaVinci,Descartes, Newton, Darwin, Poincare, Hilbert, and why does even their Einstein write a description not […]

  • Ezra Klein: Just Stop. No more lies.

    —“The problem the Senate poses to American democracy is getting worse, by @mattyglesias”–Ezra Klein @ezraklein [W]e don’t have a Democracy, and we don’t want one. That’s your ‘false promise’. We have Rule of Law of Sovereignty and Reciprocity, where Commons are produced within rule of law by elected representatives who (until lately) need demonstrate merit (Republic) prior to standing. The […]

  • Krugman’s Technique of Deceit

    —“Declaring victory amidst headlong retreat.” Krugman misrepresents (as usual) Trump’s strategy.— CORRECTION: In order to maintain the economy through the election Trump is mirroring the tactic of the Chinese whose group strategy is Sun Tsu’s: “Delay and Deceive while Accumulating Strength until the Enemy Cannot Win.” Paul’s is to Undermine from Within by Cherry picking. Cherry picking is the means […]

  • Why Aren’t Women Having Children?

    People follow incentives. What percent of women obtain non-stem degrees at cost $100k debt during peak fertility? What is female tax vs interest contribution? What percent of tax revenues to women consume vs men? And what percent of tax revenue do women contribute vs men? (I know.) You can’t use women’s endless demand for hyperconsumption (esp of attention) as vehicles […]

  • No. War is the most rewarding entrepreneurial enterprise.

    —“Every new war is started up to cover up the fact that the old war solved nothing.”–@StefanMolyneux Not true. Europeans use civil wars that last a generation or more every few centuries in order to continue rapid adaptation to change. In fact, constant warfare between small states is one of our civilizations most enduring advantages. War, Politics, Economics, Innovation, competition, […]

  • Understanding the European vs Semitic Conflict Provides More Value than Criticism and Complaint:

    (Rabbi Reuven is a beautiful human being, great teacher, and a wise man.) [A] bit of explanation helps us understand each other: Evolution(or God) has only so many tools with which to alter the behavior of peoples. First among them is neoteny – what we call domestication. Or Self Domestication. This provides us with reason and agency over our impulses. […]

  • Full Definition: Baiting Into Hazard

    —“You often say “bait into hazard”, any chance you could explain that in more depth? I don’t really get what you mean. Are you talking about moral hazard in economics? And what’s the baiting?”— [I]t’s short for the Abrahamic (Jewish, Muslim, Semitic, Cognitively-Female) technique of undermining host civilizations (groups): “Using False Promise, Baiting Into Hazard, Advocated by Pilpul, Defended by […]

  • No. You’re Right. It’s Not Art.

    (important) —“This is a banana duct-taped to the wall. This piece of art sold for USD$120,000 at #ArtBasel. You are in the wrong business. “—Melissa Chen @MsMelChen —”The absurdity of some of the Art world. Which is one reason why you, and I, and millions of others, studied science instead.”— Greg Knudsen @gjk100 [I] studied art, economics, engineering, law, physical […]

  • Why Women Are Historically The Root of Political Evil

    TRUTH IS OFTEN OFFENSIVE. WHICH IS WHY WE MUST SEARCH FOR IT – BECAUSE WE HIDE IT. BUT HERE IS THE ANSWER. by CURTD Women (females) evolved gossip, rallying, shaming, trading of care-taking, sex and affection, as a means of manipulation (power), by which to gain control over (much) more powerful males. Women (females) are not loyal to the tribe […]

  • Well, white supremacy is a fact – genetically, demographically, culturally, artistically, intellectually, technologically, economically, legally, politically, militarily, and demonstrated every single day by flight to white territory rather than away from it. Even within white territory, whites flee to other whites to escape non-whites. Denying it is simply lying about it, rather than solving our conflicts because of it.

  • Bret Weinstein Is Selling False Promises

    BRET WEINSTEIN IS SELLING FALSE PROMISES (copied from twitter feed) —“Exactly what I’m saying”—@BretWeinstein More Boas, Freud, Marx, Adorno, Derrida pseudoscience? Because blank slate was settled before ’00, gender by ’12, demographic distributions by ’15 and race this year. Depth of neoteny, rate of maturity, distribution = demand for institutions, with status driving kin selection. Morality = Natural Law of […]

  • Faith and action. The Book of Virtues

    The source: Helmut Stellrecht, Glauben und Handeln. Ein Bekenntnis der jungen Nation (Berlin: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., Franz Eher Nachf., 1943). Blood You carry in your blood the holy inheritance of your fathers and forefathers. You do not know those who have vanished in endless ranks into the darkness of the past. But they all live in you and walk in your blood upon […]

  • “Propertarianism for Dummies”

    (writing is in progress …) What is Propertarianism? The Most Frequent Complaint The most frequent complaint from both readers and viewers is that they want to quickly understand this thing we call Propertarianism – and I’ve repeatedly failed to answer the question in a way that people who are not advanced degree holders in the philosophy of science, economics, law, […]

  • Why Kristalnacht?

    Why Kristalnacht is only the most recent? And another is coming? UNDERMINING: Marxism, Feminism, Postmodernism, Political Correctness to generate conflict by spreading by false-promise of equality by Gossip, Shaming, Rallying: Not Revolutionary but DEVOLUTIONARY. You cannot specialize in UNDERMINING the Meritocratic Eugenic Market between classes by fomenting class conflict by baiting with false-promise of World Monopoly Equality as Cure for […]

  • A Letter to Africans on “Whiteness” and Choice

    [T]here is nothing wrong with Africa or “Africanism”, or White people or “Whiteness”. As in all things the problem is one of facing uncomfortable truths. —“Still on WHITENESS: Whiteness questions African epistemology simply because there’s no room in their normative framework to process this! I bet there’s a non-African you know who is an “expert” on African matters. …. [So,] […]

  • Eugenics in P-Law

    (Curt Doolittle) The only eugenic process Natural Law relies upon is markets. in other words, if you (your family) is self supporting, and not engaging in irreciprocity, we have no other means of testing your fitness other than demonstrated fitness. If you (your family) is not self supporting, an engages in irreciprocity, no matter your excuse, then you are in […]

  • Only Falsehoods Create Complexities

      (don’t get pissed at me for this. it’s true. Truth isn’t always pleasant and the law isn’t always something people are willing to enforce.) —“The abortion topic is a paradox and a false equivalency for example. Too complex to boil down to a yes or no.”–Wade Rogers [M]mm… I just say it’s undecidable, not because it is complex, but […]

  • A Pair of Compromises

    [T]he quote “Deliver Each Unto God and Caesar” is a compromise between the male political-empirical and the female emotional-faithful, just as marriage is a compromise between male and female – under which neither obtains their ideal, but both achieves the optimum possible. Otherwise we must go to war between the truthful and the faithful, and while the faithful can undermine, […]

  • The Economics and Ethics of Abrahamic Religions

    (this one is going to hurt. hold on to something) [T]here is no god. Only the god imagined by the faithful such that they preserve the peace between them by prohibition on variation in strategy, and prohibition on debate, and prohibition on learning, and prohibition on innovation and evolution. It’s a contract with one another written in fiction. I agree […]

  • Belief and Profession of It, Are Almost Always Lies

    [I] do not know what you believe. I cannot know. I can only determine judge you by your actions. If you testify to an un-testifiable belief, then you can only lie. If you lie then you have a reason to lie. I can only seek to discover the reason you lie. I cannot distinguish a profession of belief in an […]