What you CAN criticize

[L]ook nitwits. You can try hard to criticize propertarianism. And you’re going to fail. I promise. It’s not gonna happen. That you don’t know this yet is just a matter of time. It is what it is.

What you can criticize is:

1) the PRACTICAL possibility of sufficient power to produce a constitutional order making use of it in law.

2) the POLICIES I’ve recommended for the restoration of the middle class at the expense of the financial, political, academic, and media classes.

3) the PREFERENCE of some alternative order that is NOT dependent upon natural law, but some other set of rules.

To engage in any of those criticisms you must produce one of the following:

a) some sort of argument that a few hundred thousand men can’t disrupt cooperative velocity in all its forms sufficiently to bring the government to the negotiating table.

b) some set of arguments that these are not already the general beliefs and wants of the populace (other than voluntary disassociation).

c) that you can produce a recipe for the construction of an alternative order by equally operational means.

You can criticize it.

So do it.

Or realize you can’t and do us a favor of not wasting our time.

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