You Cannot Appropriate P or Climb on P’s Bus in Defense of Your Lying.

February 20th, 2019 10:31 AM

—“I think he is saying that you are gossip rallying yourself in this instance and that it is relatively well placed on the irony scale.”—Jay Thompson

I thought RECIPROCITY was moral.

And that ‘he’ is using pilpul to create a false equivalency between argument vs argument and ridicule vs ridicule. Which is sophistry or dishonesty or ignorance, or stupidity.

If ridiculed, return it, and then restate the central argument.
If that process doesn’t return to argument, repeat.
If repetition doesn’t work, the return to violence.

Never let GSRRM go unanswered.
Identify it.
Return it.
Restate the central argument. (inform thru repetition)

Hardly requires restating the central argument with Kinsella.


This is why I don’t see hope for y’all. You are all dependent upon the use of avoidance of the central argument like women, jews, and muslims, which demonstrates that christianity is a vehicle for the deceits of women, jews, and muslims and therefore you cannot ‘earn the franchise’ by reciprocity of truthful speech.

Every time you make one of these childish bits of nonsense all you do is confirm: you are not able to evolve past that level of infantilism we equate to women and children or that level of dishonesty we call abrahamism.

So please stop wasting my time.

We cannot cooperate, because we cannot agree to reciprocity, and we cannot agree to reciprocity because we cannot agree to truthful speech that would end abrahamic deception in supernatural, ideal, sophomoric, and pseudoscientific terms, that gave us judaism, christianity, islam, marxism, postmodernism, feminism, and denialism, using the very means of fraudulent discourse you are using with me.

It’s not complicated.
Just not worth talking about.
Xians must find a way on their own.
I can’t help those who are allies of the enemy.
And christians are allies of the enemy of our people.
Because christians are more allied to jews, christians, and muslims than they are to their people, their science and their law and their history.

Solve your own problem. There is no ride on P for christians in alliance with the enemy on the preservation of lying.
Truth is my way and the original way of our people before the dark ages of abrahamic ignorance and submission.

Find your own way.

There is no way of appropriating P in defense of lying.

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