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Religion gives advice – wisdom literature.
Politics gives law
Science gives truth

If your religion contains law, it is not religion but politics.
If you worship your politics it is still politics.

Your law is either compatible with natural law or it is not.
Their laws are not compatible with natural law

Their religions are not religions but politics.
As politics they are acts of war.
As acts of war they may and must be fought as war.

There is only one enemy in the world today amoung all civilizaed peoples.

It is the great lie of abraham and all that descended from him.

We have been at war since the persians invaded the aegean.
We have been at war since the greeks crossed into mesopotamia.
We have been at war since the romans crossed into the levant.

There is only one enemy for the rest of the world.

it is the cancer that drives world conflict.

And it has for more than two thousand years.

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