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Answering this ‘fringe’ stuff simply demonstrates the power of propertarian analysis. 😉 And it’s funny….. lol

—“Curt Doolittle can pu–y be property?”—Kyle Brawn

You know, under the right conditions, I would answer that question sarcastically and get hammered for it. But at the moment I have my wits about me, and I will say that:

Empirically, for almost all of history, it has been property. I am not sure it still isn’t. It’s just collective rather than private ownership.

Empirically, Given The Possible Series:
1. Possession in fact (under your control – self defense )
2. Consensual Property. (normative property – reciprocal defense)
3. Institutional Property (property rights – institutional defense)

It is possible to have ‘it’ under your control, normatively under your control, and institutional under your control.

Having ‘it’ just requires your ability to protect your control by individual, reciprocal, or institutional means.

In general it’s pretty difficult without (a) a slave population, and (b) institutional means of defending it.

Given that ‘it’ is not capable of self defense, ‘it’ doesn’t have an opinion. It is instead, the men who are willing to insure or prevent ‘ownership’ by individual, reciprocal, or institutional means that determine the outcome.

In general the outcome depends upon (a) the affordability of surplus native females willingness of native brothers and fathers to tolerate or (b) the affordability of surplus alien females and the ability of native females to rally their protecting males to prohibit the discount of their female market value by alien females.

The future has a very good chance of restoring slavery as far as I can tell, and the recent period of luxury produced by the western advances in technology may be a temporary rather than permanent progression.

That is, I think, the argument.

Hence, scarce females, protected by fathers and brothers produce high female market value, and plentiful females unprotected by fathers and brothers produce low female market value.

In other words Might Makes Rights – whether right or wrong.

Always and everywhere.

“Veritas Et Violentia”

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