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James, if this is a forum for discussion, then it’s a value. Which would require posting both sides of the debate. If this is a form for you to express your frustrations then it is no longer anything to do with theory policy and philosophy, but simply just emotional. Just create an “I hate trump” forum and put it there. But at present you’re not acting any differently from the alt-right-green-frog folks except your posting pseudo-rational propaganda instead of openly irrational green-frog cartoons.

You have energy and a particular gift. And if you employ it honestly then you can make a contribution to the world.

I’m honest about my work and my bias. (and yes, the fact that The Clinton Foundation defrauded me of $2M they said they would pay me for developing the greenhouse-gas measurement software, after we rescued their efforts in India at Microsoft’s request; and the fact that I have direct experience with these people – including Murdoch’s wife – might color my judgement a bit. These are ‘bad’ immoral, people for whom lying is simply a justifiable means of achieving their ends.)

Anger destroys honesty. Half truths are lies. Half arguments are just half truths.

Hence why I argue in the manner that I do: the only ‘good’ is exchange. The only ‘moral’ is non-imposition of costs.

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