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(a) professionals are taking note, and understand.
(b) john mark is really killing it with his messaging.

—“5- Prior to John Marks videos, my first impression of Propertarianism was merely the extension of current law concerning property into other areas of tort law – where my head is now… property is not being “extended” it is being re-defined to anything we build or feel the need to defend.

It is an ethical system which has as a first priority honesty, as high truth environments are the most fertile for trade due to their decrease of friction.

Friction is avoided if trades meet the fair trade criteria, this is derived from Natural Law and is called Reciprocity. Assumption is if Reciprocity is met, conflict will be avoided. If any or all aspects of reciprocity are violated violence could ins-sue, and likely would with repeat offenses.

The system would allow state violence, to enforce the rules of trade, through the courts devised for the particular legal systems for that domain (seems to be that we would need specialists here – less politicians but a lot more lawyers/judges?).

Science is our best model for truth telling so we extend that discipline into all domains, and create definitions and a judiciary that can properly administer justice according to the rules of trade in that domain. This leads to a new paradigm of how any defined group can trade in any operational domain.

One key notion of the theory I see you have in place is correspondence: the definitions, rules, goals have to be able to be demonstrable, operationalized. This seems is key. I am still working it… just been a few days…”—

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