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—“Word is really getting out. Iâ??m seeing a huge surge in propertarianism.”—Curtus Maximus

1) John Mark is making a huge difference. it’s insane how effective he’s been already. He is more effective than everyone else combined.

2) Bill is now the real deal and I’m not alone on the podium.

3) Bill’s crew has finished baking giving us a sort of minimum critical mass of talent.

4) I’ve begun talking about revolution directly,

5) like I said, we actually have a solution, and no one else does, so as I predicted ‘natural force of gravity will advance us because of it’.

6) yellow vests, brexit, US election, trump condition, and citizen ‘political exhaustion’ have moved practical revolt into the overton window.

In other words, as I predicted, events march toward their deterministic conclusion. 😉

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