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1-The war was made possible with conscription, taxation, inflation, censorship and central planning of the economy.

2-Western governments are greatly responsible for the rise of Hitler with the very unfair Versailles Treaty, but also with things like the Young and Dawes Plans.

3-The Allies were not morally goods. They consisted of imperialist and colonialist powers, allied to the even more evil communist regime of Stalin.

4-Nazi Germany did not want war with the West. Their ambitions were to reclaim German lands and create their own empire out of the USSR. France and Britain declared war to Germany and refused all peace offers, making the war a world war, instead of a regional war between Hitler and Stalin.

5-The unintended consequences: Millions died, unmeasurable wealth was destroyed so that Hitlerâ??s regime could be replaced by something even more evil. Stalin gained half of Europe, then Mao gained China, then communism spread to many former western colonies in Africa and Asia. In the Western countries WW2 gave rise to the military industrial complex, the welfare state, and Keynesian management of the economy. Everywhere the State is the big winner of WW2.

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