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In Utero. Sex is determined at fertilization. Sexuality is determined in utero. Variation from heterosexuality is a birth defect. Greater variation is due to greater degrees of birth defect. Birth defects are preventable. Birth defects are ‘prohibitable’.

Yes, traumas can affect one. Particularly females who are less hetero than males. But vulnerability to trauma is likewise a birth defect.

Conversely, as we see in sub saharans, excessive testosterone in utero produces frequent hermaphroditic qualities in females. By the late pleistocene (the period of human development) we had all adapted to our regions. But even over the past 12k years we have adapted more.

The primary means of adaptation has been developmental – endocrinological, with noetony, reverse neoteny, and gender dimorphism and reverse dimorphism the principle directions of evolutionary change.

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