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Posting this because it’s YOU FOLKS who reach the normies. I think what Eli started early one, Bill did for the morally minded last year in particular, and John Mark is doing at the present illustrate that the reach I have on my own is nothing compared to the reach great advocates have.

Anonymous (ID: rTrxfMvk) 01/26/19(Sat)12:45:15
Redpill me on Curt Doolittle

Anonymous (ID: fYpPSy9/) 01/26/19(Sat)12:47:20
Standard monarchist.

Anonymous (ID: Lp1jcRrZ) 01/26/19(Sat)12:51:41
He was on The Daily Shoah last summer or spring. From what I remember, he believes that there are no political solutions at this point. The system is totally corrupt and broken. There is no rule of law at this point. Violence is inevitable. Came up with something he calls Propertarianism which calls for making political leaders accountable through courts and making them accountable by forcing the to tell the truth. I can’t remember it all, but I’ve heard him a few times. I think he also lives in Ukraine, or somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Anonymous (ID: vTXNSK9J) 01/26/19(Sat)12:53:50
Smart man.

Anonymous (ID: rTrxfMvk) 01/26/19(Sat)13:14:44
Does anyone believe in a political solution at this point?

Anonymous (ID: xbbMomsq) 01/26/19(Sat)13:22:58
If you find Doolittle hard to understand, he’s got a good ‘interpreter’ / popularizer in John Mark:

Anonymous (ID: xbbMomsq) 01/26/19(Sat)13:24:28
No, I don’t think so. ‘Propertarianism’ is about giving /groups/, rights. And is about how to make parasite-proof government. He’s Founding Father tier.

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