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—I’m sure there is a solution that can “protect the commons” and provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. My understanding is that passenger flights are required to carry USPS, where the private companies must own their own planes. Curt Doolittle maybe you can chime in a propertarian solution to this problem?”—@[572309326:2048:Bryan Nova Brey]

The problem is the cost of government employees. The service is also supported by spam mail none of us want (or need, in the age of the internet). All political services can be provided by libraries (forms etc). All shipping better provided by private agencies. Selling it whole yet requiring all domestic postcards, and ‘letters’ at a subsidized price would solve the problem.

Insuring the private postal service and ups and anyone else for that matter, the way we insure banks (insurer of last resort) in the case of national emergency is adequate.

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