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—“Hello Curt. I’ve been talking to my teenage daughter about Propertarianism, and your ideas of psychology. She finds it fascinating and would like to know more. Where would you suggest that she begins?”—

We will offer the psychology, sociology, group evolutionary strategy course as soon as we have it ready. I think most people would enjoy this course, and It is the least technical course with the greatest influence on your understanding of the world.

She can add herself to the mailing list and or register and we’ll send out a notice when it’s ready.

I can’t really recommend my work in its current condition to a teenager, because it’s hard enough for the college educated person to grasp it as it is.

We will also offer courses in Relationships: Family Members, Friends, Dating, Marriage, Children,

And we will also offer mindfulness (how to insulate yourself from peer pressure or bad feelings etc). But it will take us the rest of this year to put most of this together.


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