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How much longer are we going to have to tolerate butt-hurt libertarians?

Give it up kids. Malinvestment like the rest of us. Move on.

Democrat > Classical Liberal > Libertarian > Anarcho Capitalism > Neo Reaction > Propertarianism.

Propertarianism = Perfect Government.

1) Algorithmic Natural Law, and an Independent Judiciary of the law, and a ready, trained, militia.

2) Choose: Nationalistic (eugenic) or Anti-Nationalistic (dysgenic)

3) Choose your means of producing commons:
Monarchic, Oligarchy (senate), Classical LIberal (classes), Social Democratic, Direct Democracy. Direct Economic Democracy.

4) Choose your method of education (mindfulness(religion), ethics (manners, ethics, morals, laws), methods of calculation, general knowledge, occupational skills.)

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