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Dear immigrants.

Just as we say to alcoholics and drug users, “No matter where you go, there you are”. To immigrants we say “No matter where you and your people go, there you and your people are.” You and Yours. No matter where you go, there you are. You bring with you your genes, your culture, family, your values, your way of life, and you wonder why your people fail: Genes, Culture, Values, Family, Way of Life

What is it that makes northern european civilization ‘work’ and yours not?

The Uniqueness of the West:
– Rule of Law by the One Law of Reciprocity.
– – – Productive,
– – – Fully informed,
– – – Warrantied and
– – – Free of negative effect upon others.
– Bearing Burdens Regardless of Cost:
– – – Truth before Face to self, kin, or hierarchy regardless of cost.
– – – Persistent Maintenance and Defense of the Commons regardless of cost.
– – – Defense of all others regardless of station, relation, and cost.
– – – Heroism in all matters civic, political, and military regardless of cost.
– – – Silence beyond arm’s reach regardless of cost.
– – – Staying out of the way of the path of movement, not asking others to move around you.
– – – Situational Awareness and Responsibility, not disregard for the conditions around you.
– – – Obedience to laws of conformity.
– Self Sufficiency
– – – Market Meritocracy
– – – Natural Hierarchy: Natural Aristocracy
– The Absolute Nuclear Family.
– – – Delaying Marriage until you can afford your own home.
– – – Bearing children only once you can afford to pay for them
– Aristotelian Science
– – European Paganism and Heathenism.
– – – European Christianity.

Democracy is a temporary luxury of economic windfalls from military conquest of new territory or peoples. Period.

Multiculturalism is imperialism and creates demand for imperial governments. Period.

The middle east is the only multicultural society and it is the very example of why they all fail.

South america, the middle east, and india are the examples of genetic admixture: it devolves to the mean.

We are equal under the law of conflict resolution. Otherwise we are not equal in the least.

Jewish, muslim, asian, and pacific ethics fail these tests. Greek, southern italian and Balkan ethics this fail these tests.No country has ever recovered from islam. Ever.

The west and far east are uniquely eugenic rather than equalitarian or egalitarian. it is this practice of eugenics that has risen our people out of the ignorance superstition poverty disease and hard labor of the other peoples.

You are making a civil war.

We are happy to rule you.
But we will never be ruled BY you.

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