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(Note: I write using essay (discussion), argument, and law forms. This is argument form. The law form would include slightly more rigorous outlining, dimensional tests, limits, restitutions and punishments. But the argument would not change.)

—“Curt: How should the (ideal) relationship between homosexuals and society exist or be constructed, to make homosexuals experience of society be the best it can be, while also making society’s experience of homosexuals be the best it can be? There are a lot of mixed messages out there… and you actually make sense and can justify why you make sense. I would appreciate your comment.”—

Ok, Here is a rough outline of the argument in natural law:


1) As far as I know homosexuality is a non-rare in utero developmental disorder. I suspect this current scientific hypothesis to survive – although we might discover the cause is or is not an immune system reaction to testosterone (which it appears to be), and we may discover that it can be limited by natal treatments in the future – it does run in families.

2) If you read enough of my work, you’ll encounter the hypothesis that humans are not only able to adapt intellectually and emotionally to changes but that we can create very different distributions of traits in populations using very small variations in endocrine expression. We can express these by stresses and by selection. The male-vs female physical, and male-vs-female reward systems, and male vs female brain structures included in those distributions.

3) It is unclear whether or not the ability to produce homosexuals of either gender is a necessary consequence of our ability to produce those distributions. And secondly, whether or not the result is harmful or not. (apparently not). the reason being that there is greater value in productivity in service of reproduction than reproduction.

4) It is unclear how much of homosexuality is produced in utero, in early development, and in late development. My understanding at present, is that many sexual identity disorders can occur during development without sufficient physical exercise, and sufficient role play by either gender. (And that is before we account for the hormones in the modern chemical environment.)


That we incrementally demonstrate our fitness (non parasitism, and productive contribution) by:
1) Forgoing crimes both private and public.
2) Demonstrate payment for the franchise by continuous military/militial/sheriff service.
3) Demonstrating worthiness by self sufficiency by productive contribution, thereby forgoing free riding and parasitism
4) Demonstrate worthiness to the intergenerational polity by marriage and family and the support thereof.
5) Demonstrate worthiness to productivity by the voluntary organization of business and industry.
7) Demonstrate worthiness to the polity by organization of the finance, industry, business, trade, and labor in a territory.
8) Demonstrate worthiness by the correct adjudication of disputes between in and out group members under the natural law of reciprocity.


1) That the family is the first demonstration of organizational capacity upon which the intergenerational family is dependent.
2) That families are a costly but necessary contribution to the family, clan, tribe, nation, and polity.
3) That families must work tirelessly to insulate generations from consumptive and hedonistic interests and behaviors.
4) That individuals who do not serve, do not produce families, do not produce businesses or industries, do not manage territories, or do not adjudicate differences under the natural law of property, are at best not harmful, and if engaged in criminal or free riding or parasitic activities are a a dead weight loss to the family, clan, tribe, nation, and polity.


1) Homosexuality is a birth defect, and not voluntary. Women are less sexually dedicated than males. Trauma in women especially can cause homosexuality at any point in life.
2) Anything that occurs between adults in private is a voluntary exchange between them and nothing else.
3) Anything that occurs in public (speech/sound, sight/display, or behavior/action) imposes an involuntary cost upon others.
4) Any speech, display, or action that is contrary to the preservation of the intergenerational investment in the commons, and in particular conspicuous hedonism or conspicuous consumption is damaging to the informational commons, and damaging to those who pay higher costs within it.
5) Marriage is a contract for corporation between a man, a woman, and the polity, for the intergeneration production of offspring, and reciprocal care, and reciprocal insurance. However, this contract consists almost entirely of (a)a transfer of all personal property to community property, (c) a reciprocal grant of power of attorney. (d) reciprocal ownership of offspring until the age of maturity. (e) an implied but unenforced insurance against hardship, infirmity, and old age. This corporation dramatically reduces the cost of household production and maintenance. Without this relationship household costs rise disproportionately and therefore standards of living drop accordingly. (as we have seen)
6) Natural Reproduction and parenting by individual homosexuals by whatever means, and by pairs of homosexuals by whatever means, is difficult to argue with, however any suggestion or influence by such parents that their children’s gender is flexible, that male and female minds and bodies are not different, and that male and female roles in family and society are not necessary, must be prosecuted as a developmental crime on the scale of any other child abuse or torture.
7) Public displays of affection in furtherance of paying the high cost of reproductive persistence, training an intergenerational family, and ensuring that families can produce intra and intergenerational insurance of one another rewards those that so contribute.
8) Public displays of non-reproductive affection shall be limited to those that are demonstrated between heterosexual members of the same sex.
9) Under no condition shall heterosexual and homosexual males be forced into one another’s company. Homosexual males are unfit for military participation by virtue of a birth defect that may hinder trust.
10) Prosecution of homosexual hedonism in any public form shall be vigorous such that it is entirely suppressed. (ie: no more of this public bathroom nonsense and drug use.)

In other words, the low temporal investment of homosexuals must be removed from visibility in the commons so that there is every incentives for the high intertemporal investment in families.

The direction of homosexual relations to the construction of families despite the extraordinary fragility of such families due to the fragility of homosexual relationships, and suppression of public hedonism has proven a successfully means of both reducing public hostility to homosexual behavior and increased the positive signaling behavior of homosexuals.

the only special treatment we must give to any behavior in society is that which perpetuates investment in the high cost of producing high investment families. The age of individualism has been a catastrophe for the very reason it was intended to be: to destroy the influence of intergenerational middle and upper middle class families. Just as the ancient attack on the aristocracy was an attack on intergenerational aristocracy.

(The Ten Planks were available for all to see.)






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