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1. Axioms = Logic (words) : internal consistency : Declared.
2. Theories (‘laws’) = Science (actions) : external correspondence : Discovered
3. Algorithms (operations) = Testimony : Constructed.
4. Rational Choice (incentives) = Preference or Good : intuited.
5. Law (Reciprocity) = Decidability: Demonstrated.

1. No means of consistency-testing within any dimension provides CLOSURE. (‘incompleteness’).
2. Closure is increased only by appeal to the next higher dimension.
3. Closure is impossible for other than tautologies, but warranty of due diligence is producible by test of COHERENCE, which is CONSISTENCY in all dimensions.

1. A proof is a test of internal consistency.
2. A proof is therefore a test of possibility.
3. All proofs are open to falsification by appeal COHERENCE, meaning the due diligence of testing every dimension for consistency.
4. Ergo the function of logic and axioms is only to falsify the false, not prove the true. This is the ‘difficult’ part of ‘relearning’ that mathematics (positional naming) and the attempt to have logic (language) mirror one another, has led to the near universal fallacy that proof provides truth rather than due diligence against error, bias, and deceit.
5. Egro, logics FALSIFY but they do not convey truth content – except in the minority and reductio set of cases – in logic which are akin to prime numbers in mathematics: rare.

(This is what Curtus Maximus is explaining via Godel).

In the sense of Rothbard/Mises/Hoppe the (((fraud))) of kantian logic combined with the (((fraud))) of CONFLATION, mises attempted to conflate logic, empiricism, science, morality, and law into one ‘monopoly ‘ akin to jewish law, or kant’s attempt at secular restatement of the church’s faith – and failed.

Rothbard attempted to conflate liberty with jewish libertinism. Freedom with libertinism. and thereby to license parasitism upon the commons, which is the group evolutionary strategy of his ancestors as well as women. Whether his ancestral group strategy of parasitism is genetic or cultural or a combination is something we do not know. We do however know that all his kin exhibit this behavior just as all women exhibit this behavior.

Ergo, everything rothbard says is a lie. Mises might be rescued from his sophisms and pseudoscience if it were not for Rothbard and Hoppe’s defense of rothbard. But the (((Mises institute))) has done profound harm to our civilization by preserving and promoting Rothbard (rand)’s justification of libertinism, rather than the anglo saxon rights of anglo saxons: sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, charity, and every (enfranchised) man a sheriff.

As far as I know, the only epistemological framework is free association > hypothesis > theory > law > Failure > Repeat to revise (refine).

All of the vocabulary of ‘logic’ and proof, all of which is justificationary and false, is now reduced to superstitious language. And all attempts to say ‘prove it’ are also justificationary and false. One cannot prove a truth, one can only ask for sufficient information to falsify it. And contrary to the entire history of philosophy, the principle means of falsification is deconfliction, completing scope and limits, accounting for cost, testing the possibility of action, rationality of action, and reciprocity of display word and deed.

The people who invented lying are as good at lying as the people who invented truth are good at truth.

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