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Again, I would simply use the terms existence, category, theory, and paradigm, rather than trying to keep alive heavily loaded archaic terms that have been used and abused in every possible way, such that they only invite frauds.

But as usual, the truth provides decidability, where the useful, preferable, and good are not truths (decidable) but choices (utilities, individual and group preferences). Truth provides decidability in matters of conflict between paradigms.

The higher the correspondence between perception, cognition, memory, speech, negotiation, action, and cooperation and reality the higher the discount at the expense of ignorance, error, bias, deceits, and frauds.

There is no argument to be had that we can defraud ourselves and others for utilitarian and preferential purposes. However, in matters of conflcit we can decide those difference REGARDLESS OF how badly we have invested in those utilities, wants, and frauds.

So I take the position that there is only one most parsimonious consistent correspondent and coherent paradigm possible and that this is the object of metaphysics.

And that we can use this most parsimonious truth to conduct more directly expensive but more collectively and indirectly rewarding methods of achieving individual and cooperative (and conflicting) means and ends.

If not, then metaphysics is merely the study of means of deceit, just as theology is the study of useful deceits, and the systems of measurement are nothing more than the prevention of useful deciets in those cases where they violate reciprocity.

As in all things – via negativa and via positiva in competition.

We may not know what its true but we know what is false.

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