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by William Douglas Watson

Since people are willing fight for religious beliefs (defend), they are considered property in toto. That means they should not be infringed upon if they are compatible with the rest of civilization.

Curt has no interest in hindering our right to practice our religion, only in hindering the use of ANY METHOD to perform or advocate for theft (parasitism).

He hasn’t always done a good job of making this clear (recently he has been trying to clarify) but that is not his job.
His job is to write law. Our job is to make the law digestible for others.

In a propertarian society we would have much greater religious freedom to actually live out our faith. Real freedom of association (positiva) would be restored because we would have freedom to disassociate (negativa).

So, as an example, you could no longer be forced to bake cakes that advocated for “alternative lifestyles”.

This is just a quick example of a current hot button issue but if you give it some thought I’m sure that you could find many other examples where we, as Christians, would benefit from the restoration of just this one aspect of natural law.

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