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1) There are diminishing returns on extension of paradigms
2) At some point overextension of paradigms produces errors
3) These overextensions (exhaustions of opportunity) lead to innovations (generally increasing precision of the paradigm or falsifying it by recombination.)

OOP was particularly useful in the creation of reusable code in the era before so many libraries and so much open source.

Many of our most popular languages today are actually script languages written over huge functional libraries.

I prefer OOP because i feel I can structure readable and maintainable programs.

My view (which is traditional) is that just as we have layers of the brain, we have layers of the computer. The base to interface with the hardware. the second to transfer hardware information into commensurable symbols, and the third to manipulate those commensurable symbols to achieve goals.

This makes it possible for vendors to produce slightly different hardware and different operating systems run on that hardware.

Just as our brains allow us to function in different groups, in different environments, with different languages.

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